Pet products is a billion dollar industry, and there are plenty of companies willing to sell you an inferior product to get a piece of it. How much do you really know about the pet products you are purchasing? How can you weed through all the slick marketing to know what is really nutritious to feed your pet? That's where we can help! We started High Drive Pet Supplies to have a place that only sells the good stuff, the stuff you can feel good about giving your best friends. We research every brand we carry to make sure the contents and manufacturing of their products are of the highest quality. We focus on products made in the USA (or if not, we ensure the company has good manufacturing policies), products from local companies, unique pieces, and handmade items. Our selection of products is always growing, with new products in store each week. We are proud to volunteer our time with our favorite local nonprofit, Dogs Unbroken. Come in to check out fantastic brands such as Open Farm, Bison Designs, FYDO, West Paw Design, and more.


From our packs to yours,
— Haley, Carly, & Lisa